Wizard Banished - changelog (debug version)

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8.4.2023FEATURETime tower - new floors, reduced amount of random rewards Confirmations for destroying buildings removed Right click to perform activity only once (useful eg. for education) Middle click on running activity to speed it up Rain (increases farm growth), farm quests update--
8.4.2023FIXoptimalization - many things now happen only once per second, instead of every update; and other optimalizations; also Quests should be approaching faster; -> many things can be broken--
6.4.2023FIXSo when I get Integrity Leak as an upgrade option, and the + Integrity value appears red, what exactly is that indicating? That I shouldn't be gaining integrity?EggMan
2.4.2023FEATUREadvanced level ups show resource multiplication (eg. +20 forestwood (2x)--
not fixedWhile the above has been confirmed by multiple people, I have also stopped being offered other rewards such as the Time Magic options for +Security or +Integrity.@Karthas077
2.4.2023FIXLevel up rewards, specifically the ones for extra treasure rooms, extra adventurer corners, and extra manufactories do not show up as options. Even when all other options have been exhausted. ++also cap on some level up rewards removed @Karthas077
28.3.2023FIXIs installing forest healing's level up supposed to give me 5000 fiddles?Ceasar
FIXTimedust fix
27.3.2023Level upgrades famous, manufactories, treasure rooms - max cap removed
27.3.2023FIXPrestige button not unlockingwaga
26.3.2023CHANGEWalk max amount cap removed--
26.3.2023FEATURETotal round added (in settings after first prestige)--
26.3.2023CONTENTForest healing upgrades (can be unlocked in time vortex)--
26.3.2023FEATUREMore positions for quests - experimental quest ui added--
26.3.2023FIXIn the log "+" entries have space after the symbol while "-" dont.Sashachan
26.3.2023FIXIf you already unlocked something it shouln't appear as an unlock in the tooltip of repeating upgrades/etc, as it may be misleading and seem like there is something new to unlockSashachan
26.3.2023FIXGarden/RemoveCurse button remains off until you have cost+1 herbs in storage. (upraveno)Focus
26.3.2023FIX"I rid you of a Mother of Curses" (or "Curse Mother")Focus
26.3.2023FIXcant pay 72 herbs for dismantle, image attached Malefidus
26.3.2023FIXhow many times you rewound time .. | rewound and started again | returned to this timeFocus
26.3.2023FIXWhenever you press "Mute". It will continue to try to play the song every FrameMewt
26.3.2023FIXI just found a completely bonkers bug:When you hit max gold, your Hidden Stacks overflow it instantly that is, on hitting 8000 gold, I go instantly to 8900Grub
26.3.2023FIXQuest gambling actions (lich, tower) shows limited uses for rare rewards gain -> quests will not show uses left??
26.3.2023FIXsmall performance improvements and fixes--