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What is a Roguelike Game?

A Roguelike game is a sub-genre of RPGs featuring procedurally generated levels, turn-based gameplay, and permanent death.

A Roguelike game is a sub-genre of role-playing games characterized by dungeon crawl through procedurally generated levels, turn-based gameplay, tile-based graphics, and permanent death of the player character. The term "Roguelike" originates from the game "Rogue," which was released in 1980 and set the standard for the genre.

The Core Elements:

  • Procedural Generation: Levels, enemies, and items are generated randomly each time you play.
  • Turn-Based Gameplay: Time in the game moves only when you do, allowing for strategic planning.
  • Permanent Death: Once your character dies, that's it. You have to start over from the beginning.
  • Resource Management: Often, you'll find yourself low on health, mana, or other resources, making every action a calculated risk.

The Appeal of Uncertainty:
The allure of Roguelike games lies in their unpredictability. You never know what's around the corner, whether it's a powerful artifact or a deadly trap.

Modern Interpretations:
While traditional Roguelikes stick closely to the formula set by "Rogue," modern iterations, often called "Roguelites," incorporate elements from other genres.


The term "Roguelike" gained prominence with the game "Rogue," released in 1980. The genre has evolved to include modern iterations like "Roguelites," which blend elements from other genres.


Roguelike games offer a unique blend of unpredictability and strategic depth, making each playthrough a new experience.


1. Utilize save points if available.
2. Plan your moves carefully; haste makes waste.
3. Learn from each death; it's part of the game.
4. Manage your resources wisely; they are often limited.


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