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What is a Clicker Game?

Clicker games are a subgenre of incremental games focused on active player engagement through clicking or tapping actions.

Clicker games, a subgenre of incremental games, are designed around the simple yet captivating mechanic of clicking or tapping. In these games, each click generates resources or accomplishes tasks, creating a loop of instant gratification. The player starts with minimal capabilities but can unlock a plethora of upgrades and features as they progress. For example, in "Wizard Banished," clicking on icons can yield various resources, like bugs or gold. These resources can then be used to unlock new capabilities, adding layers of strategy and decision-making.

While some may argue that clicker games lack depth, they offer a unique blend of active engagement and idle progress, making them a cornerstone in the world of incremental games. They are often criticized for being too simplistic or repetitive, but their charm lies in their ability to provide quick bursts of dopamine, making them incredibly addictive.

From a psychological standpoint, the immediate rewards and constant sense of achievement can be both satisfying and habit-forming, appealing to our innate desire for progress and completion.


The concept of "clicker games" gained traction with the release of games like "Cookie Clicker," but the mechanic can be traced back to earlier forms of interactive media. They have since evolved to include various forms of complexity and strategy, often blending with idle game elements.


Clicker games offer a unique form of engagement, requiring active participation for optimal progress. They are perfect for players looking for a more hands-on approach to incremental gaming.


1. Click Smartly: Not all clicks are created equal. Prioritize upgrades that maximize your clicks.
2. Active vs Idle: Know when to click and when to let idle mechanics take over.
3. Combo Clicks: Some games offer bonuses for rapid or timed clicks.
4. Milestones Matter: Aim for upgrades that unlock new features or multiply your clicking power.
5. Diversify: Donít just focus on clicking; invest in idle upgrades too.
6. Time-Limited Events: Participate in them to maximize gains.
7. Experiment: The best strategy might not always be the most obvious one.
8. Social Features: Use them if available to boost your progress.
9. Premium Features: Use sparingly, they can dramatically speed up progress but may affect game balance.
10. Enjoy the Journey: Remember, the goal is to have fun.


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