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What is Prestige in Incremental Games?

Prestige is a mechanic that allows you to reset your game progress in exchange for bonuses that make you stronger in subsequent playthroughs.

Prestige is a fascinating game mechanic often found in incremental games, including clicker and idle varieties. It allows players to "reset" their progress in exchange for various bonuses that accelerate future gameplay. In some games, prestige is layered, meaning you reset one layer of the game to unlock another, each with its own set of bonuses and mechanics. For example, in "Wizard Banished," you might reset your bug collection to gain a permanent increase in energy regeneration.

From a psychological standpoint, the prestige mechanic taps into our innate desire for progress and achievement. The act of starting over with newfound powers creates a sense of excitement and anticipation. In some games, new mechanics or resources are unlocked only after a prestige, adding layers of complexity and strategy.

However, not everyone is a fan of the prestige mechanic. Critics argue that it can make games feel repetitive, as players are essentially redoing the same tasks, albeit at a faster pace.


The concept of "prestige" has been around for quite some time but gained significant attention with the advent of incremental games. It has evolved to become a core mechanic in many games, offering players a way to experience the game anew, with added bonuses and sometimes even new mechanics.


Prestige offers a sense of renewed purpose and excitement, allowing for deeper engagement and a more rewarding experience. It adds layers of strategy as players must decide the optimal time to reset.


1. Timing is Everything: Know when to prestige for maximum bonuses.
2. Plan Ahead: Some bonuses are more beneficial in the long run.
3. Layered Prestige: Understand how different layers interact.
4. New Mechanics: Be prepared for new gameplay elements post-prestige.
5. Psychological Boost: Use the mental high from prestiging to tackle challenges.
6. Experiment: Different prestige paths offer varied experiences.
7. Milestones: Aim for them before a prestige.
8. Community Advice: Listen to others who have prestiged before.
9. Record Keeping: Keep track of your pre and post-prestige stats.
10. Enjoy the Loop: The game is designed for multiple prestiges; enjoy the journey.


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