Wizard Banished

Wizard Banished is semi-idle incremental game.

  • incremental indie game about wizard, who has been banished and lost magic power, but...
    did not give up!
  • play only on PC (mobiles not supported)
  • its indie game developed only by me and totally free; just for fun
  • beta version and still under development
  • like the game on facebook or send feedback: facebook.com/wizardbanished
    (thank you for all the feedback and bug reports!)
  • or join DISCORD https://discord.gg/22723jhcBB



  • manage your tower, your garden and forest
  • trade with nearby village and build your economy
  • start earning your magick back
  • explore and fight nearby places
  • build your specialization - be a shaman, forest mage, star enchanter or battle mage
  • ...dont worry, you have just to click on icons:)
  • wait till game is loaded; play in fullscreen; use right and middle click to perform action multiple times



Wizard Banished - play in browser

or play on itch.io