Wizard Banished - the games I enjoyed

If you like incremental games, you may check the following games: A Dark Room, Universal Paperclips, Crank, Idle Idle Gamedev, Exponential Idle, Gooboo, Theory of Magic, Cookie Clicker, CLICKPOCALYPSE II, Orb of Creation, Sandcastle Builder, Trimps, Advent Incremental.

In a world that never stops talking, the mute button is a gamer's best friend.

Theory of Magic


An incremental game with a magical twist, developed by Mathias Hjelm. Dive into magical world here.

Theory of Magic is an incremental game that immerses you in a world of magic and sorcery. Created by Mathias Hjelm, the game offers a variety of tasks, adventures, classes, enchantments, and much more. As you progress, youll unlock new spells, upgrades, and resources, making the gameplay increasingly complex and engaging. The game is rich in lore and offers a deep, evolving gameplay experience. Keywords defining the game include magic, incremental, evolving gameplay, and resource management.

I really enjoyed playing this game and it had a significant influence on the development of my own project, Wizard Banished. While my game has taken its own direction over time, the inspiration I drew from this game is undeniable and Ive spent many enjoyable hours playing it.