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What is an idle game?

An idle game is a type of video game that allows for progress without constant player interaction, often featuring automation and "prestige" mechanics.

Idle games, often considered a subgenre of incremental games, are designed to allow players to accumulate resources without constant interaction. The core mechanic revolves around "idling," where the game continues to progress even when the player is not actively engaged. Over time, players can unlock various upgrades, automate tasks, and even "prestige" to reset the game with added bonuses. The genre has evolved to include intricate systems, achievements, and sometimes even narratives, offering a unique blend of active and passive gameplay.


Idle games have been around for quite some time but gained significant attention with the rise of mobile gaming. They are perfect for players who wish to experience a sense of progression without dedicating large amounts of time. Games like "Adventure Capitalist" and "Realm Grinder" have popularized the genre.


Idle games are perfect for those who seek a gaming experience that doesn't demand constant attention. They offer a unique blend of strategy and relaxation, allowing players to progress at their own pace while also providing the option for more active engagement.


1. Embrace Automation: The key to progress in idle games is automation. Invest in upgrades that will earn resources for you.
2. Strategic Idling: Know when to actively play and when to let the game run in the background.
3. Prestige Wisely: Use the "prestige" or "reset" mechanics only when you've maximized your current potential.


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