Wizard Banished - the games I enjoyed

If you like incremental games, you may check the following games: A Dark Room, Universal Paperclips, Crank, Idle Idle Gamedev, Exponential Idle, Gooboo, Theory of Magic, Cookie Clicker, CLICKPOCALYPSE II, Orb of Creation, Sandcastle Builder, Trimps, Advent Incremental.

Indie games: Because mainstream is too mainstream.

Idle Idle Gamedev


Idle Idle Gamedev lets you experience game development in an idle format, where you begin as a solo developer, crafting ideas and fixing bugs, eventually hiring a team to automate processes. Explore the game here.

Inspired by Game Dev Tycoon (https://www.greenheartgames.com/app/game-dev-tycoon), Idle Idle Gamedev transitions the active game development experience into an idle game format. Players manage the development process, from brainstorming to bug fixing, while strategically hiring staff to improve efficiency. Though the game requires active decision-making on skill investments and employee management, its idle nature is maintained with buffs that can be automated for a premium. The game’s addictive quality is balanced by the challenge of managing buffs and progressing through fan base expansion.