Wizard Banished - the games I enjoyed

If you like incremental games, you may check the following games: A Dark Room, Universal Paperclips, Exponential Idle, Gooboo, Theory of Magic, Cookie Clicker, CLICKPOCALYPSE II, Orb of Creation, Sandcastle Builder, Trimps, Advent Incremental.

Ever notice how 'defeating the final boss' feels a lot like 'acing an exam'? Except the boss doesn't judge you afterward.



An incremental/idle RPG developed by MINMAXIA. Play it here.

CLICKPOCALYPSE II is an incremental/idle RPG that invites you to create a party and explore dungeons while exterminating monsters. The game offers two modes: Phone mode and Tablet mode, each with a different UI layout. The game is rich in features, allowing you to find items, level up, learn spells, and earn achievements. Updated on March 27, 2023, the game has received positive reviews for its engaging gameplay and optional ads. Keywords defining the game include incremental, idle RPG, dungeon exploration, and monster extermination.

The game could be very idle if you want; you just need to occasionally upgrade your characters and enjoy watching them navigate through dungeons and improve. It has a plenty of upgrades and emulates a real RPG where characters summon minions (undead, animals) and have abilities. Overall, its cool and, despite its idle nature (im not so much into real idle games), Ive played through it multiple times.