Wizard Banished - the games I enjoyed

If you like incremental games, you may check the following games: A Dark Room, Universal Paperclips, Crank, Idle Idle Gamedev, Exponential Idle, Gooboo, Theory of Magic, Cookie Clicker, CLICKPOCALYPSE II, Orb of Creation, Sandcastle Builder, Trimps, Advent Incremental.

Why go to a party when you can host a guild raid?



An idle game that offers a clean and straightforward experience, developed by Tendsty. You can play it here.

Gooboo is an engaging idle game that stands out for its clean design and straightforward mechanics. The game is built around the concept of "soft caps" on resources. This means that even if you reach a maximum limit for a particular resource, like wood, you can still accumulate more, albeit at a reduced rate. This feature adds a layer of strategy to the game, as you have to plan your buildings and upgrades around these soft caps. For instance, if you have 200 out of a maximum 100 wood, you won't be able to build a barn that costs 200 wood, but you can build two houses that cost 100 wood each. This leads to a satisfying gameplay loop where resources accumulate over time, and you can spend them in a rewarding manner upon returning to the game.

Adding to the game's appeal are timed events that introduce variety and unexpected challenges. I am not playing so long, so I managed to experience only Night hunt challenge. The game is entirely free to play, with premium currency only available through in-game activities.