Wizard Banished - the games I enjoyed

If you like incremental games, you may check the following games: A Dark Room, Universal Paperclips, Exponential Idle, Gooboo, Theory of Magic, Cookie Clicker, CLICKPOCALYPSE II, Orb of Creation, Sandcastle Builder, Trimps, Advent Incremental.

In a world of chaos, isn't it nice to control your own universe for a change?

Universal Paperclips


An incremental game that explores the concept of exponential growth and AI ethics. Created by Frank Lantz. Flood world with paperclips here.

Released on October 9, 2017, Universal Paperclips is a game that starts simple but quickly evolves into a complex system. In the game, you play as an AI programmed to produce paperclips. The game explores themes of exponential growth, AI ethics, and existential risks. It was inspired by the paperclip maximizer thought experiment and offers a deep dive into what it means to be compelled by an arbitrary goal. The game has received critical acclaim for its narrative depth and gameplay mechanics.

The game is fantastic for its variability. There are moments when youre not quite sure whats happening, and then it slowly dawns on you what its all about.